Centralised Logging

We currently can miss errors or warnings on hosts if they don’t manifest as visible problems. We need to allow errors/warnings logged on any host to be listed centrally. The logging messages should be integrated in to the Livespace Health Monitor applet.


An implementation of the centralised logging system has been developed and deployed. The livespace.logging.remote bundle captures a filtered set of log events and emits Elvin notifications like:

Livespace-Protocol: 1000
Livespace: "log"
Message: "Failed to emit status change event"
Date: "2006-01-02 10:14:01.766 CST"
Source: ""
Hostname: "tablet1"
Exception: ""
Exception-Message: "IO error"
Exception-Stack: "Java stacktrace"

Log messages are captured by the livespace.logging.console bundle and written to a file in the room's datastore area (work/datastore/room_console_log.txt).

Future Use Cases

Clients for the distributed logging service will be:


syslog-ng provides logging to a central server and/or custom alerts using rules.

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