Clipsal C-Bus

Written by Paul Leicester, June 2009

Clipsal C-Bus and Livespaces

Installing the components required by the Livespace Service,

  1. Connect the C-Bus serial data cable to the Extron IP Link COM1 port (9600-8-N-1-NoFlowCtrl)

  2. Copy from somewhere to Windows client hosting this service:

    • C:\XYNTServices\ICS-C-Gate
    • C:\Clipsal\C-Gate
  3. Edit C:\Clipsal\C-Gate\Config\Networks.txt:

    • if required comment out the line: "1 serial COMn" (where *n* is the COM port number the C-BUS data cable was attached to).
    • add the line: "1 socket ics-rack-ipl0:2001"
  4. Edit C:\XYNTServices\ICS-C-Gate\XYNTService.ini:


    ServiceName = ICS-C-Gate

    ProcCount = 1

    CheckProcess = 1


    CommandLine = java.exe -Xrs -jar C:\CLIPSAL\C-Gate\cgate.jar

    WorkingDir = C:\Clipsal\C-Gate

    UserInterface = No

    Restart = Yes

  5. Install and start the ICS-C-Gate as a Windows service. From a command line:

    • C:\XYNTServices\ICS-C-Gate\XYNTService.exe -i
    • C:\XYNTServices\ICS-C-Gate\XYNTService.exe -r ICS-C-Gate

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