Hardware Installation Manual

The hardware installation manual provides a guide on what hardware is required to build a LiveSpace, and describes how to install/assemble this hardware.

The initial stages of the hardware installation process (Requirements Specification and Hardware Requisition) will require use of the Hardware Specification spreadsheet, so save a local copy of the spreadsheet to work on.

Requirements Specification

Use the Form worksheet of the Hardware Specification spreadsheet to specify the requirements of the LiveSpace. This involves specifying the following parameters:

Hardware Requisition

Following the requirements specification a list of all the required hardware components will be formulated on the Specification worksheet of the Hardware Specification spreadsheet. This list details what devices, components, cabling etc. is required to construct a LiveSpace instance to fulfill the specified requirements. Recommended Australian suppliers have also been included however these may not be appropriate, especially for overseas installations.


The installation and assembly of a LiveSpace will be fairly dependant on the particular requirements, and the room in which the LiveSpace is to be situated.

The placement of furniture, displays, whiteboards etc. within the room will be specific to the layout of the room itself so some thought and planning will need to go into this for each individual LiveSpace instance. Some examples of possible layouts are shown below.

Example room layouts for a LiveSpace

Particular issues to consider when deciding on a layout include:

When wiring the hardware devices in the LiveSpace the supplied wiring diagrams should provide a general guide as to how to connect the various devices. Due to the generality of these diagrams some alterations may be required due to specific requirements of each LiveSpace (i.e. some components may not be included in all LiveSpace instances). Also, the quantity of devices/components (i.e. projectors) shown on the diagrams may differ in which case any additional devices should be set up in a corresponding fashion to those shown.

A recommended layout of components within the server rack is shown in the server rack diagram. This is just a suggested layout and can be changed to suit particular requirements, especially in the case where other devices may be added to the rack. If altering the server rack layout then the following advice may be helpful.