Ignite provides a kiosk-style control panel for a Livespace-enabled room. It is designed to support being used on touch-sensitive screen, but can also be effectively used as a desktop application.

Ignite is the primary control panel for the room, and is the interface most users will see when they first enter a Livespace. As such, Ignite is intended to provide an approachable interface for controlling the room's lights, displays and other devices, switching video and audio, and playing meta applications.

Most Livespaces feature a touch-panel mounted on a wall at the entrance to the room running Ignite in full-screen mode. Because of this, the Ignite the interface is designed to make it easily controlled via finger taps on a touch panel, although it can just as well be used on a desktop with a standard mouse.

(the old page for the web-based version of Ignite can be found at Ignite 1 (Web Version))

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