Remote OSGi Service Management

The remote OSGi service management bundle adds a "bundles" list to the computer entity published by a host that contains entities representing the OSGi bundles currently installed on that host. These entities contain key bundle manifest fields such as "name", "vendor", etc and a "state" field for the bundles runtime state, e.g. "installed", "active" or "resolved".

This service both allows administrators to see what is installed on any given host as well as allowing control over the host's bundles. Clients can change the "state" field to start/stop a bundle and add/remove bundle entities to install/unininstall OSGi bundles.

The remote admin service is designed to be viewed and manipulated from the Livespace Browser application.

Current Status

The admin service is in the project (javadoc). All bundles on the local host are published and they can be stopped and started by changing their state property to "active" or "installed".

The user interface to the OSGi administrator is now under development in livespace.ui.osgi_admin (javadoc). This is packaged as a Dashboard panel and has been deployed to the ICS for testing.


OSGi admin panel

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