The Livespaces technology originated from research into supporting distributed collaboration at the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation in Edinburgh, South Australia.

Livespaces is in active use in experimental battlelabs at several Defence sites around Australia, and is a key enabler for testing advanced collaborative technologies for Australian Defence.

The Livespaces White Paper (PDF, 4 MB) describes Livespaces in more detail, and provides information on the research and development program that underlies Livespaces.

Livespaces Open Source Project

In November 2009 DSTO made the Livespaces software available under an open source license and the Livespaces project was established on Sourceforge.

The Livespaces open source project hosted at this site is not directly affiliated with DSTO, however DSTO has generously agreed to continue to make minor releases, including bug fixes and any external contributions, available to the project as they become available.

Livespaces is made available in the hope that it may be useful, but DSTO bears no responsibility for its fitness for any given use. See the Livespaces license for the full legalese details.